Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why Install Auto Window Tint In Your Car

Installing auto window tint austin on the windows of your car makes a lot of sense, especially if you live in a hot climate.

Studies have shown that having it installed can cut the temperature on the interior of your vehicle as much as 10 degrees in the hot summertime. This can have a dramatic impact not only on the comfort of the ride, but on the fatigue factor and safety awareness of the driver.

Another big advantage of having the windows tinted is that it cuts down appreciably on the glare from the sun. If you have ever driven along a route that is taking you directly into the rising or setting sun, you have experienced the near-blinding effect of the event.

Driving into the sun, or experiencing a sudden glare off of another vehicle or your own car can be devastatingly distracting and blind the vision of the driver to oncoming and turning traffic, which can be very dangerous since you are moving in traffic.

Glare can be reduced almost 80 to 90 percent with the proper tinting installed on the windows of your car, thus eliminating a very potentially dangerous hazard.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Looking At Auto Window Tint

A car is a precious investment that requires a lot of money to upkeep over its lifetime. One thing that can help it last longer that many people are not aware of is getting auto window tint. This simple procedure can easily help your car last a bit longer.

Car tinting blocks UVA and UVB rays from the sun that beat down through the car windows. It instantly makes the car cooler and preserves its metal parts and interior seating. 

Since it doesn't have to work as hard when you start it after sitting in the sun for a long time, it should last much longer, feel much better temperature-wise, and look much better since the rays are not fading the seats. 

Many things used to keep up the car are pricey. Luckily, getting the windows tinted isn't one of them. It is an easy procedure that can pay for itself repeatedly every time you leave your car out in the sun.